10 ways to wear a blazer for work in cold season

We can name it in many ways: blazer, dress coat, suit coat or sack coat. No matter how we call it, a blazer dresses up an outfit instantly. It is the one piece that can gussy up even jogger trousers.

Blazers are versatile as they can be worn in cold or warm season depending on the fabric. Wool or cashmere blend wovens  are more appropriate for cold weather, while cotton and linen are for milder seasons. And it always works for office.

In winter, autumn or spring, blazer is a great choice almost anytime, from the very formal attire of a 2 or 3 pieces suit to the most casual outfit with jogger trousers and sneakers. Of course this is possible nowadays, when more or less any combination is acceptable and when casual dressing seems to be preferred by majority of women. Therefore, finding ways to make very comfortable pieces appropriate for work or for any other occasion is at high interest.

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10 ideas on how to wear the blazer in cold season at work , on casual Fridays or after hours:

  1. The most formal way to wear a blazer is in a trouser suit or skirt suit. Anyway, this is very rarely seen nowadays, though they are both back in fashion after years of ignorance. A well tailored suit is the definition of elegance. Think of Jackie Kennedy or Katharine Hepburne. They almost invented these looks, making them popular for the masses. Though, those were times when formal dressing was more important than today. This is why I am happy to see these suits reinterpreted in a modern way by most fashion houses.
  2. The 2nd in row for the level of formality is the classic trouser with a blazer in different colours, as separates.This is also a clean, neat, dressed up attire and it is mostly seen in business environments. I personally like it very much and I regret that it is not so popular anymore. The right tailored trousers with a feminine top or a classic mannish shirt, accompanied by a blazer is a great look for office where a formal dress code is requested.
  3. If you want to make it modern or cool, wear bright colors. They are so in fashion in the S/S season 2017 and have a vivid vibe. Pair it with some bright Converse sneakers if you like to combine formal with casual. You’d get a cool look.
  4. Black trousers combined with a beige cashmere top and a beige suit coat is the minimalist elegance that says “classy”. Always pay attention to what forms you choose for your cleavage and length of the blazer. Take into consideration your body shape, height, bust area and any other features that have to be well chosen for your frame.
  5. A blazer also dresses up a short skirt. If you have legs to show, do it with confidence and get the serious look of style and competence at the office with a silk bow shirt and a well tailored blazer. You’d get more compliments than you thought of. Just have a look at Charlize Theron and her great simple yet sultry and elegant outfit.
  6. A Chanel like jacket should be part of any woman wardrobe. The tweed woven uplifts even the most casual look like jeans and a white T-shirt. Just put some strings of pearls and there you are: casual, feminine and elegant.
  7. For colder season, add a cashmere or wool sweater or pullover under your blazer. Blue, grey and black make a great color combination. Keep the bag formal. As for shoes, you can go for flats or chuncky heel knee boots for comfort or a pointed toe for longer legs.
  8. Jeans with a black T-shirt and a black blazer is a combo when you lack inspiration. It takes you from office to after hours, to even dinner with friends.
  9. A message T-shirt can replace a simple one as well. Loafers and a shopper bag make it a casual Friday outfit or a great look for a movie in weekend with girls or family.
  10. Last, but not least considering its popularity are the jogger trousers, combined with a turtle neck or any sweater, sneakers and a blazer. This is a casual outfit but it has a flair of “I did not try at all”, yet being slightly more dressed up than a gym look.

No matter how you choose to wear your blazer, remember to take into consideration your body shape, your style and profession, after hours activities and your own taste. For petites, it is better to create long monochromatic lines inside or outside and to keep the length of the suit coat at the hip bone. For busty women, choose a V-neck for tops and a deep cleavage for the blazer. A one button model is great for you. These little details are so numerous but so important and make the difference between a tailored, well fitted look and a sloppy one.

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