Spring / Summer 2018 fashion trends to wear at the office

Spring / summer 2017 season comes with bold and cheerful fashion trends in bright colors and daring cuts. The secret to make them work appropriate is to choose one or two fashionable items and keep the rest of the outfit minimalist or classic.

Spring / summer 2018 fashion trends in 20 office appropriate outfits:

  1. Pink is one of the colors of the warm season in 2017. Choose any shade that looks good on you, from bright fuchsia to dusted, delicate pink. Your complexion is the one dictating the best shade of pink for you. Fuchsia works great with navy or blue but also with neighboring colors like burgundy or purple. A dress, a skirt or a top in pink color updates your office look and make it bright and modern.
  2. Flowers are again in vogue. Flowers seem to never go out of fashion in warm season. Tame them down for office with neutral shades or go head to toe in flowers if you are daring in your style and work in a fashion friendly environment.
  3. Stripes are also a big hit this coming season. From bold stripes in vivid colors to black/white stripes or navy / white sailor shirt to bolder color combinations, anything works as long as it is striped. Again make stripes wearable at the office by pairing them with neutrals. The “all stripes outfit” is very fashionable, but not so friendly for an office look.
  4. The khaki fabric and color, that became popular during the war because of its practicality and durability, is back in fashion. You can choose the khaki color or go for similar working colors like beige, light brown, dusty yellow. Just keep the shapes feminine. The khaki trend is not here to send you to the war but to reinterpret a very popular and durable fabric in a feminine way.
  5. Yellow is another color that will be seen in many tints, tones or shades. Bright colors are never easy to wear at the office as they draw attention to you instead of making you invisible and efficient. Dare to choose a top, a shirt or a bag and pair it with neutrals and show your competence even when you are bold.
  6. Keep in mind that the shoes in fashion now have either chunky, square heel like in the 70’s or kitten heel. This is such good news as these are shoes and sandals that you can walk in the whole day.
  7. Another trick that designers are using this season is an oversized sleeve, or a bell sleeve or even long sleeves with slits so that you can still use your hands. Choose simple tailoring for the rest of the outfit, going for slim trousers or skirts, masculine or square heel shoes and a structured small or medium tote.
  8. Also, this is the season of small and medium bags. This is good news for petites who could not wear the oversized, shopper bags or totes anyway. The novelty here is that you can wear your bag even around your waist as a belt.
  9. The message T-shirt is back in fashion. This is actually a funny trend that you can use to have a great day by sending the message you want with your T-shirt. As it has a very casual flare, pair it with tailored trousers and blazer to make it formal.
  10. The sheer, see through clothing is probably the most difficult to pull off at the office. If you like this trend, wear it with a camisole underneath or choose a model that is heavier in design in the front part to make it serious not incendiary.
  11. The white shirt dress is a delicate trend that can be made appropriate for office. Choose a structured dress that emphasizes your waist so that the innocent color does not matter so much anymore. Pair it with black for a more serious look.
  12. Off the shoulder trend is still on this season. One sleeve missing or just some cut outs at the shoulders are very trendy tops to choose. Wear a blazer for office to cover your passion for fashion and bare your shoulder when you go out for drinks with friends.
  13. Bright colors combined with each other are also hot. You may not go fuchsia, orange and green at the office but you can make your look more cheerful with a bright top or dress.
  14. And last, but not least, jumpsuits are still on. They are elegant and have an elongating effect if they are in one solid color.

Just remember, choose only those fashion trends and shapes that work for your body shape, can be integrated in your style and are flattering for your complexion. Only the fact that they are in fashion does not mean that you have to try them all. Choose the ones in which you feel comfortable and confident.

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