Best styling tips for petite women’s workwear

Petite women are beautiful, famous and well dressed. Think of Sarah Jessica Parker (159 cm), Shakira (155 cm) or Eva Longoria (153 cm). Though media induce the image that beauty needs certain standards of height, weight or proportions, all women are beautiful in their own way. Embrace yourself just the way you are and bring up your most beautiful features, be it face, tiny waist, hot legs, toned arms or nice cleavage.

There are several tips and tricks that petite women (under 163 cm) need to learn to look good when clothing for work. Their mantra, when dressing, is to create the illusion of length with clothes. Here are some of the most important tips and tricks to consider when you choose your outfit if you are short.

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12 tips for petite women to look taller when they get dressed for work:

  1. Wear monochromatic looks. You do not have to go for black all the time. Especially if you are blonde, black might be too harsh. Yes, black has slimming and lengthening effect on your frame. But you can also go for navy, brown or camel and pastel colours like light blue, peach or lavender (if you are slim).
  2. Choose outwear that is cinched at the waist like trench coat. It will recreate your frame beautifully. Keep the length above the knee and stockings and shoes in the same colour.
  3. Another great outwear choice are blazer or jackets that finish at the hip bone. They elongate you figure.
  4. Dresses will make you look taller than any other item. Just respect the length rule – around the knee, preferably at or above. Dresses create long lines that trick the eyes, making you look taller. Again keep the tights and shoes in the same color or choose nude pumps for bare legs.
  5. Wear fitted clothes. You don’t need to go for bandage, body hugging clothes but loose fit that follows the body line with grace is best option for petite women.
  6. Wear high waist for skirts and trousers. You can also go for cuts that start at your natural waistline if you are long legged.
  7. Tapered trousers or cigarette are best choices for petites, but straight slim leg or bootcut also look good. Be sure you wear your bootcut trousers longer so that they cover your heels or platforms.
  8. Wear heels if you can. No need to go for sky tall heels. Actually, a short woman most often would have a small foot. So wear the heels that you can walk in. 5-7 cm are best for petite women.
  9. Choose the right size for your bag. Bags that are too big are not appropriate for short women as they make them look even smaller. The good news is that medium and small bags are so hot right now.
  10. Wear vertical lines to trick the eye and look taller.
  11. You can also create the illusion of vertical lines with seaming, buttons or any other long vertical lines that you can think of.
  12. And last, but not least, wear maxi skirts or dresses. It is better to wear them with heels or platforms that are covered by fabric.

Petite women do have their charm. There are men who actually prefer petite women as there are men who prefer tall women. Never let your height be an issue for you. Dress with condfidence and show your best assets.

Petite women seem vulnerable, feminine and they look as they need help. This is an impression to delicately use to your advantage when it comes to men. Do not be afraid. Once you start talking business with confidence and competence you’ll never be underestimated.

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