10 white shirt outfits for mornings when you look for inspiration

White shirt is a classic of a work wardrobe. When you feel that you lack inspiration in what to wear, that anything seems boring or there is nothing new or creative in the way you dress, just take a white shirt from your wardrobe. Then build your outfit around it!

There are plenty of options to wear a white shirt: from classic combination like jeans, white shirt and blazer to more sophisticated ones like white shirt, long skirt (remember Sharon Stone on the red carpet in 1998?)

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White shirt was made famous by actresses in movies or on the red carpet in the last 50 years. From the sexy white shirt worn by Annette Bening in The American President movie to Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall, Grace Kelly or  Audrey Hepburn, they all gave white shirt a charm and a class that can not be equaled easily.

10 ways to wear a white shirt at work:

  1. Classic outfit: jeans, white shirt, blazer. Add a RED belt for a more visible look.
  2. Sexy with pencil skirt: wear a slightly oversized white shirt, roll up the sleeves and you have a great work look for any season, be it with long boots or stilettos. A leather jacket is a more modern outwear than a blazer. Be chic at the office!!
  3. If you choose a trousers suit and a white shirt than add a casual flare with fashionable sneakers. Thus you cut the austerity of a formal outfit and you get that so looked for smart casual guise of ‘I did not try at all”. A belt in a bold colour adds life to your outfit. Wear the bold belt only if you are tall and have a nice waist. Otherwise stick with a belt same colour with trousers or no belt at all.
  4. A white shirt worn with a pleated skirt is sexy and modern. If you choose a skirt with pockets then the chic is complete. In winter, add a cashmere sweater: tie it on your shoulders or wear it, showing the neckline of the shirt.
  5. Classic trousers and a white shirt can be dressed down with a denim jacket. The look is fabulous at any moment, especially if you add some precious pearls.
  6. Same classic trousers and white shirt can be worn with a long warmy cardigan as well.
  7. An unconventional way to wear your white shirt is to have it over a turtle neck. Check Cybill Sheperd look from 1971. It is timeless, and so back in vogue, with the turtle having such a comeback.
  8. If you like skinny jeans, then you can make them work appropriate with a longer white shirt worn outside to cover your “derriere”. Choose a Chanel like blazer or an oversized cashmere or wool sweater. It looks great, especially on a casual Friday.
  9. One of the most stylish look is to wear it a white shirt with a long skirt. Sharon Stone did it at an Oscar ceremony in 1998 and she was so appreciated with her shiny lavender skirt and crisp white shirt. This was a courageous and unexpected look that stood out from the crowd of evening dresses on the red carpet.
  10. One of my favorite look is a white shirt with jogger trousers. Add a camel coat and a casual bag and you are good to go. This might not work in all office environments but you have a very up-to-the-minute look: jogger, sneakers, camel coat – all hits of the 2017 season.

No matter what combination you prefer to wear with the WHITE SHIRT, you will always be chic, elegant with a timeless item that can not be skipped from a workwear wardrobe.

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