15 flattering work outfits for rectangle shaped body

Rectangle shape has a fairly straight body, with hips, waist and upper body almost equal in size. Dressing rectangle body for work is actually pretty simple.

Be sure you check the What is your body shape? article to know the type of your body. Though some consider this shape as a rather a boyish one, the rectangle can wear almost anything. The trick is to create curves with clothes. In other words, to give the illusion of a more shaped body, you need to add volume to the upper body and the hips area.

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The rectangle shape usually has some great assets to show off like beautiful legs, toned arms and round shoulders. As with other body types, there are many celebrities with this type of body. Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman, Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley or Kate Hudson can be your source of inspiration on how to dress your body shape to best flatter your body.

Rectangle shaped woman can consider herself very lucky as she can wear almost anything, from fitted clothes witch actually make her body look curvier to many types of tops, skirts, trousers and dresses.

Here are 10 tips to dress your body for work and make it look curvier:

  1. Wear tops that add volume to your upper body: frills, ruffles, bows, pockets help a lot
  2. Any type of skirt work for you, from pencil skirt to A-line skirt, tiered or full skirts. Skirts with more volume like tired, tulip (when they are in fashion), fringed or circle skirts are the most flattering.
  3. Always emphasize your waist use a belt to accentuate your waistline
  4. Create waist with tailored blazers or coats
  5. Belted or cinched blazer, coats and cardigans also help
  6. Use different colors for upper and lower body
  7. Tuck in your top to also beautifully shape your body
  8. Most types of trousers work for your body: skinny, cigarette, straight, but those with details around hips would help more
  9. Dresses that emphasize waist are the best choice: bustier dress, shirt dress cinched at waist, tea dress (with circle skirt in the lower part.
  10. Use scarves, chocker, big necklaces

As with most body shapes, there are no clear rectangles, pears or inverted triangles. Check your measures and see where you fit. If your shoulders are slightly wider then you might have some inverted triangle features. If you hips are wider then you may take a look at how to dress the pear shape.

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