15 ideas on how to make skinny jeans appropriate for work

Skinny jeans are one of the most popular and loved clothing item of the last decade. It was a hit ever since it was launched and continues to be as it is comfortable and easy to wear.

No matter how hard they try, designers seem helpless in their intent to make this clothing item outdated. They relaunched many other styles: straight jeans with high waist, flare trousers / jeans, cropped jeans. Nothing seems to move the skinnies from their pedestal. They are here to stay. They are everywhere: in the street style, at work, on a date, even at evening events if you dress them up properly. There is a never ending love story between women and skinny jeans.

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Making them work appropriate is not simple. You can definitely wear them however you want but that does not make them suitable for office all the time. Being so body hugging, they seem a bit too sexy for an office and may cut from your authority. Therefore, it is better to find ways to dress them up and to have at least half of your “derriere” covered.

15 tips on how to make skinny jeans appropriate for work:

  1. Dress them up with a blazer. This is the safest way to make skinnies appropriate for work. Choose a blazer that covers half of your bottom. Once you choose a blazer there are plenty of options that you can go for.
  2. Go for navy style and navy color blazer like Princess Kate. This is a very polished look. Add color to your look with red sneakers and a dark pine green bag. These colors work well together and take you out of the crowd. Choose any top you like: from the classic blue / white striped to the white shirt, navy or any shade of blue, green, pink or fuchsia.
  3. Go for neutral hues: black, camel, grey, white. They are always appropriate for office and your look is polished. Choose your shoes with care. A long boot is more casual and draws attention to your hips. If you can afford having hips in the spotlight then go for it! Otherwise choose booties in the same color with the skinnies to make you look taller and make legs appear longer.
  4. Skinny jeans are not flattering for everybody. If you are too short (under 1.60 cm) or you are above size M then be careful with this style. You may look shorter and heavier as this item which is legs and hip hugging is not at all forgiving. Stay away from them and go for cigarette style instead. This shape flatters the petites very well.
  5. Dare to wear color. Choose a green blazer and a shiny navy top. As Miranda Kerr shows it, this is a creative choice other than the neutrals. Combining colors is not an easy task. Go slowly. Start with colors that are “cousins” with each other, that are near each other in the color wheel. Thus you are always safe.
  6. Try an English style look with a typical Brit pattern and country style boots. Add a beautiful frilled, feminine top to make an outstanding statement. It tames down the mannish look and it gives a flare of delicate, soft touch.
  7. A long shirt that covers your bottom is a great choice too. To cut it’s casual look add a “Chanel like” blazer on top of it. It looks fab in B/W with a touch of red.
  8. Try unexpected combinations: in winter, wear a leather jacket under a blazer.
  9. An all black look is always a winner. A big statement necklace takes you out of the crowd.
  10. And finally, for this blazer section, try different shades of grey, as this is not only one of the season’s color but also a color easy to match with bright colors. Using neutrals as a base for a look makes it much easier to build a look.
  11. A long waistcoat is a very elegant choice with skinny trousers. Try the color that works well with your complexion but camel is always stylish. If you are cold you can opt for some separate sleeves.
  12. Cardigans are also a great combination with skinnies. Though, if you go for a short cardigan it is better to choose cigarette trousers rather than skinies. They are also fitted but do not look like pantyhose or tights.
  13. You can complement skinnies with a long belted cardigan or just an oversized one. Again, color is at your choice. Anyway, vivid colors like yellow go better for a casual Friday than for a regular office day. Otherwise, it works great for any day as a skirt or a fitted dress.
  14. Cigarette trousers in other color than black or shades of blue can also be a great choice for office. I personally prefer them. Their tapered form flatters almost any body shape.
  15. And last but not least, avoid the look skinny jeans, fitted, tight top. It is not professional at all. I’d say to it avoid it completely of you are over 25 years old as this is not a tasteful look. At least throw an oversized sweater, pullover or cardigan and a scarf to make it modern and a little stylish.

Therefore, take your skinny jeans to the office with confidence. Everybody is wearing them, from princesses to actresses, models or top executives. Just make sure you wear them in an appropriate way for office.

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