16 Glamorous style looks, perfect for daring women

Glamorous is the style of sultry women. They are confident, they flaunt their sex appeal, they never go unnoticed and are in the spotlight, be it a party or a bold work outfit.

This style needs a certain attitude. You dare to be sexy, provocative, to show legs, deep cleavage, and courageous slit or see through clothes. There is always some skin revealed. They have the courage and boldness of Erin Brockovich but dressed not only sexy but sometimes even in luxurious clothes. The glamorous woman motto is:

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Marilyn Monroe.

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10 ways to add glam to your work, party or day to day outfits:

  1. Wear fitted clothes: pencil skirts or body hugging dresses. They can look great at work in a neutral hue like grey, black or navy. A fitted red dress is a statement of courage and confidence. At office, do not go too far with length or slit. Keep it around the knee and the slit very discreet.
  2. Show some skin: cleavage, beautifully toned legs, arms and shoulders.
  3. Go for bold colors to get noticed like red, orange, and green or for neutrals if you go to work.
  4. Add sparkle to your look with metallic clothes or shoes.
  5. Wear high heels, strappy sandals, stilettos. They are always sexy and they make you look taller and seductive.
  6. Even a “deux pieces” can be glam if it is fitted and in a bold color, with shorter skirt or fitted cigarette trousers and blazer.
  7. Wear big jewelry: long earrings, many rings on one hand (like Jennifer Lopez), big bracelets and cuffs, statement necklace.
  8. Wear make up every day. Never go out without make up. Use red lipstick or smokey eyes. Make yourself noticed through your make up too.
  9. Wear sexy gowns when you go to a party, an event or a cocktail.
  10.  Wear long cleavages or blazers with nothing underneath like Jennifer Lopez.

There are many celebrities that adore this style, always looking for the central stage, for the centre of attention. Check Jennifer Lopez looks, Eva Mendes, Megan Fox. Though they may also dress in other styles like casual or bohemian from time to time, they prefer glamorous style and sultriness.

You can find glam pieces at any mass market brand. As we already mention, all mass market brands copy the clothes displayed on catwalks by expensive brands.

A bit of glam does not hurt anyone. Dare to show yourself to the public sometimes, discreet or bold, depending on your personality, profession, circle of friend or the unspoken dress code of the occasion you go to. You may choose to be conservative at a meeting with your mother in law but bold at a business meeting where you want to play hard in negotiations with a red fitted dress.

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