Style Institute explains you how to dress your body shape and how to discover your personal style, while including fashion trends into wearable work outfits.

Style institute was created for women who work and have to choose their clothes every day. This is why Style Institute wants to be “Your daily inspiration in style”. To become a chic working woman, you need to take the 4 main steps of discovering your style:

  1. know your body shape and choose the right clothes for it
  2. identify main dressing styles and recognize which clothes belong to each style
  3. include into your wardrobe only the fashion trends that suit you as personality, style, body shape and image you want to convey to the world.
  4. get inspiration on how to wear clothes from your wardrobe.

Clothes send a very strong message about ourselves: how self confident we are, how much we care about ourselves, how updated we are with the times we live in and how well we adapt to the environment and situations we are in. Clothes influence mood, self esteem, the way others perceive us but most importantly our success in career, negotiations and business.

Come with us on this amazing journey of discovering the feminine, elegant, chic or maybe the rebellious, courageous, sultry woman that you are. Style Institute will accompany and entertain you on this trip with ideas, advice, tips and suggestions and will always be there for you to answer your questions