Leopard print at work? Discreetly tamed, it gives great looks

Leopard print confers an attractive, almost hypnotic look to the lady who dares to wear it, especially at work. Though bold, it became a classic of a wardrobe nowadays.

From being an extravagant look in the early days of Hollywood, mostly reserved to stars like Ava Gardner, leopard print took its comfortable place everywhere – in the street style, on almost every catwalks and, if tamed properly, even at work.

Leopard print can be worn at work if it is downplayed with neutrals like black, camel or brown. A touch of red adds an undeniable glam, which is still appropriate for office if the red colour is less than 10% of the outfit.

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Several ways to wear leopard print at work:

  • choose an animal print pencil skirt and wear it with black items like Victoria Beckham. As it might be difficult to find one at an affordable price, you may opt for buying the woven and ask a good tailor to make it on your measures.
  • wear short boots or stilettos in animal print to upgrade a neutral office look.
  • accessories are the easiest way to include it in an office look as they are very discreet, yet, drawing the eye to the part you want to emphasize. Wear it as a belt if you have a beautiful waist or as a scarf if you have a warm skin coloring, thus showing off your skin and face.
  • a coat is indeed a fashion statement. Unless you are in the fashion industry or in a fashion friendly industry like Anna Wintour who matches it with different colours, wear your coat with neutrals like black, camel, brown and white.
  • – a leopard print dress might be too much for office. If you are in love with this kind of print, save your animal print dress for after work, parties and leisure. But, if you dare, flaunt it. Just be aware that there is no way to go unnoticed with it. It is a bold statement of confidence in you as a person and in your competence.

No matter how you wear it, you can always get inspiration from your favorite style icon. You might not afford the items they wear, but you can find great buys at mass market stores like Zara, H&M, Topshop or Mango. And nobody expects you to be dressed in very expensive  designer clothes if you are less than director or vice-president.

Watch Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez. They do like leopard print and wear it well as they have a dozen of designers and stylists that give them advice.

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