The art of smart casual dressing at work in 15 outfits

Smart casual is often the dress code in many companies nowadays. Smart casual is a chic combination of classic and structured business clothes with 1 or 2 casual items.

Learning the art of smart casual dressing means understanding each dressing style very well, so that you can choose the right mix of clothes. Smart casual may differ from country to country but you are safe if you follow the rules described bellow.

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The simplest way to define smart casual is business attire, dressed down with 1 maximum 2 casual clothes. The choice of the casual items depends of your understanding of the event. If unsure, it is better to be slightly overdressed than underdressed, so stick with 1 casual element in your outfit.

10 tips to get a safe, chic and modern smart casual outfit for women:

  1. Wear a tailored blazer. This is the easiest way to dress up a look. Then you can choose sneakers and a simple T-shirt. Do not dress down more than that. Sneakers are safe only in fashion friendly environments that are up to date with trends. Otherwise go for flats or Oxford shoes, or even heels.
  2. Choose a classic outfit: trousers, boots, white shirt and then fling effortlessly an oversized pullover or cardigan. In this case sneakers would be too much. The oversized cardigan gives a very cool, modern look but has a strong touch of casual and relaxed mood.
  3. Layers of classic items also create a nice, put together ensemble: classic trousers, white shirt, and cashmere sweater. Dress it down with sneakers and an unstructured bag.
  4. A turtle neck is also a way to make a business outfit friendlier and give the hint of “I did not try at all”. Keep the rest of the outfit neat: trousers, blazer, heels or mannish shoes.
  5. A trouser suit can be dressed down with a written hoodie or T-shirt. This is already a statement of freedom, so keep the rest of the items neat: booties or heeled shoes same color with trousers and a structured bag.
  6. In case you like to dress more feminine, pair a pleated skirt with a beautiful colored top. A blazer or a biker jacket finishes the outfit.
  7. Ripped jeans are not a safe choice. Therefore wear them only if you are sure that they are appropriate for the event or organization and dress them up as much as possible with a beautiful silk top, a blazer (velvet is the hit of this season), heels and a structured bag, big or smaller depending on the time of the day.
  8. A skirt above the knee can work as well is you dress it up with an elegant top, a Chanel like blazer or any other structured choice, heels, opaque tights in winter or regular and heels.
  9. A leather skirt can work as well also dressed up as above.
  10. A sheath (fitted) dress is always a safe and elegant choice. Choose the right shoes for the season. Boots are more casual than stilettos or pumps. Add a biker jacket and you have a chic and stylish smart casual look.

Smart casual is a dress code that leaves space for creativity, imagination and freedom. Do not overdue it, but take the chance to add a casual element that gives you not only a chic and modern look but also a friendly and approachable one.

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