The stylish woman at work

The stylish woman at work

Becoming a stylish and classy woman at work is a dream that many of us have. Take the following 4 steps to achieve your dream.

Dressing with style at workplace can be of tremendous help if you learn how to use it to your advantage. Clothes send a very strong message about our person: how self confident we are, how much we care about ourselves, how updated we are with the times we live in and how well we adapt to the environment and situations we are in. According to psychological studies clothes influence mood, self esteem, the way others perceive us and even our success in negotiation.

Becoming a stylish woman at work means learning the basics of styling. If you want to further develop your style,  you may need a professional stylist.

Start being your own stylist and take following 4 steps:

  1. Be aware of your body shape:
    • What is my body shape? article tells you how to take your measures and identify your body shape
    • Body shape category shows you how to choose the most flattering clothes for your body. Just pick the post about your shape and remember: there are no good or bad body shapes. Each woman is beautiful in her own way and she can dress appropriately to flaunt her best assets: face, arms, legs, a tiny waist, great shoulders, anything can be subtly shown to your advantage.
  2. Understand different dressing styles and identify yours:
    • How to identify your dressing style article names all dressing styles and guides you on how to discover the style or styles that you have at the moment
    • Style category is essential in understanding each style and which clothes belong to each style. Study each article carefully because understanding styles is much more important than matching colours.
  3. Get inspiration on how to wear different items from your wardrobe:
    • How to wear category takes items from your wardrobe and gives you ideas on how to style it and make it appropriate for work. Be creative and dare. From jeans to pencil or pleated skirts, you’d find creative ways to wear your wordrobe.
  4. Stay updates with fashion trends:
    • Fashion trends category keeps you updated with what is in vogue each season.   Choose only those trends that fit into your dressing style, your regular day to day life, your profession and the image you want to convey to the world. Fashion trends are not a bible. They are here to make our life creative and funny not to make us their slaves and drain our account.

Take this journey with confidence, fun and creativity. It is worth the time and benefits for sure.

“Fashion fades, style endures”, Coco Chanel

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