These 12 trendy items are on sale. How to make an indulgent buy appropriate for office?

Trendy pieces are also on sale. If you can afford the luxury to buy fashionable clothes for your office wardrobe, just be aware that you can wear them for only one or two seasons.

Buying trendy pieces on sales is a little treat, a guilty pleasure that we might offer ourselves from time to time. Bearing in mind that these buys will not pass the test of time and they are not classics of a wardrobe, we can offer ourselves a little delight in wearing what is hot at the moment, making trendy pieces appropriate for work.

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These 12 pieces are very trendy and will be so in the next one or two seasons. Choosing with intelligence, I believe we can afford, now and then the luxury of not being wise and rationale all the time and just behave like spoiled little girls and treat ourselves with a guilty in vogue piece of clothing.

12 fashionable clothes that are treat buys rather than smart buys for a workwear wardrobe.

  1. Velvet is definitely the hit of the season. A velvet dress will make you feel precious and royal. A dress, a skirt or a blazer are some options that you can find now on sales and it is easily right for office. You can still wear them this winter, especially in places where the cold season is long.
  2. Lingerie dress is another hot item. Making it suitable for work might ask for little creativity. Wear it with a tailored blazer that you never take off. Adding a T-shirt under it can make it a day casual outfit.
  3. Stripes are almost always trendy. Though, the only classic is the sailor, blue / white shirt or sweater, this season you can go crazy with stripes in any colors and any geometry: horizontal, vertical of diagonal lines are all hot at the moment. Choose the pattern that works for you body shape. A large bust may stay away from horizontal stripes, while a pear shape can balance some large hips with them.
  4. Pleated skirt has something feminine in it that I could not hold back myself from acquiring. I recommend a plated skirt in a shade that is appropriate for your complexion or season. A burgundy, camel, black, brown, blue or khaki is an intelligent choice that can be worn at the office even after the pleats craze is gone.
  5. Jogger trousers are one of the IT items of the winter and spring seasons. You can wear them with very office like clothes and get that smart casual look that is so cool. Though, they might not be suitable for workplaces with formal dress code. If you really like them, choose a pair with no stripes or any written words: just plain color joggers with a blazer and a shirt or a turtle neck can pass the test of office acceptable.
  6. Hoodies were also fashionable this winter. Oversized or just the right fit for you, they can be worn with a crisp trousers suit, making it cool and friendly at the same time. Or with a pleated skirt for a very updated look.
  7. Flower prints were in on this winter too. Most of the time they are in summer collections, but this time we found beautiful dresses and pencil skirt with bold flower prints. Wear then with very serious pieces for a formal look.
  8. Volume sleeves are new in town. They are here to stay for a while. If you are petite, stay away from them as you’d look drowned in them. They work well for tall ladies that need extra volume in the upper part of their body.
  9. Frilled cuff sweater is also in this season. It has a playful flare and it can be made appropriate for work in a neutral color. Just avoid sleeves that are too long for you. You might not be able to write at the office.
  10. One shoulder off or even both shoulder revealed to the eye is a sexy trend, yet a bit chilly for those of you that prefers warm clothes. Baring your shoulders looks appealing, no doubt about it, yet not very office appropriate. Choose the one shoulder model if you have an inverted triangle shape or both shoulder exposed if you have a pear shaped body as it makes your shoulder look bigger. Just be aware that they are trendy with no bra beneath, which may not be very flattering for everybody.
  11. The 80 style Adidas, with the 3 white stripes is the new sneaker model everywhere. After the craze with the white sneakers, these are the new hot ones. You can wear them at work if a smart casual look is appropriate. Actually they are easier to wear than the white ones which were pretty bold.
  12. Puffer jacket is a winter item that might be necessary, no matter whether it is trendy or not. So, you might just go for one with no fear.

Bearing in mind that trends are not here to stay, dare to offer yourself a small indulgence. After all life is made to be lived not worked and calculated all the time. Anyway, refrain from buying more than 2 trendy items as in a couple of seasons they’ll remain in your closet and you can not wear them anymore. You do not want to hear: Ohhh, you are sooo last season!! 🙂

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